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At CRAFT, radical transparency is the way we roll! 

We believe in the talent and skill set of each and every team member. Through advanced training and education, we are able to create a consistent and customizable experience.

Every guest receives an in-depth consultation outlining hair goals, expectations, price, time, and maintenance before we begin each service.

All services are gender neutral, and handcrafted to meet your desired results.

Color Services


One Step

$80+ (1hr)


One Step+

$120+ (1.5hr)


The Partial

$160+ (2hr)

The Full

$200+ (2.5hr)


$40+ (30min)

Platinum Card

$240+ (3hr)


Transformational Color

$450+ (4hr)   


**all services are a la carte

Cut/Style Services


CRAFT First-Timer Haircut

$90+ (75min)


CRAFT Barber/Cropped Haircut

$54+ (45min)


CRAFT Signature Haircut

$72+ (1hr)


CRAFT Transformational Haircut

$108+ (1.5hr)

CRAFT Curly Method Haircut

$144+ (2hr)



$40+ (30min)


Brazilian Blowout

$250 (1.5hr)   


**all services are a la carte

Extended Services


Intensive Hair Treatments



Masque Treatments



Brow Shaping



Facial Waxing

$25 each -or- $50 full face


Lash or Brow Tint



Lash Lift



**all services are a la carte

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