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  • What is a specialized/departmentalized salon?
    Salon specialization is the practice of creating special teams around cutting and coloring in an effort to allow each artist to specialize in their respective area. Specialization isn't anything new. Typically you'll find specialized salons in top tier operations that are obsessed with customer service, whose focus is on excellence, and are incredibly team-oriented. CRAFT is a specialized salon.
  • What does it mean to be "gender neutral"?"
    We welcome and accept ALL people regardless of how they identify. In doing so, we price our services based on time, technique, and skill...not gender. Every look is handcrafted to fit the individual wearing it. Hair has NO gender, why should we change that?
  • Which haircut service best suits me?
    If you are a new guest visiting the salon, or it's your first haircut at CRAFT Salon, your haircut service will be scheduled as a First-Timer Haircut. This allows us adequate time to introduce ourselves, assess your hair through a thorough consultation, and time to perform the service to perfection. During this time, our stylists will go over future maintenance and timing to ensure you are set up with the necessary haircut appointment for your next visit. If you have any additional questions in regards to haircut services, please feel free to contact us and someone from our Guest Service team will be happy to help.
  • Do I need to schedule my color service and haircut on different days since the salon is specialized/departmentalized?
    No. If time does not allow you to see the artists you desire, we can schedule you with another team member(s) to achieve your total look on the same day. Every artist on our team is efficiently trained for precision. Everyone receives the same education to ensure the quality of service and the overall experience is consistent no matter who you visit.
  • When using online booking, how do should I schedule my color service and haircut in the same day?"
    All our services are A LA CARTE and will need to be scheduled accordingly. For a color and a haircut, you will need to schedule the color with a Colorist, and the haircut with a Stylist. Time required for a color service is 1hr 30min (includes application and processing time). The color service should be scheduled first, and the haircut 1hr 30mins after the color service appointment time, i.e. color 10am and haircut 11:30am. Also, there are descriptions of the services and time standards under each service listed in our online booking site for reference when needed. If you have any questions in regards to online booking, please feel free to contact us and someone from our Guest Service team will be happy to help.
  • How does the gratuity process work?
    Tips are not expected, but always appreciated. Tips can be left by cash or on a debit/credit card. Tips are divided based on service price of each artist, unless otherwise specified by you.
  • What method of payment do you accept?
    Cash and all major credit/debit cards.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    Cancellation Policy: Failure to provide, at least, a 24-hour notice for cancellation of an appointment will result in a charge of half the amount of the service. Failure to provide any notice will result in a charge of the full amount of the service. Payment will be required before receiving any future services.
  • Do you offer services for children?
    Of course! Unfortunately, we do not offer "kids" pricing on our services. We believe it takes the same amount of knowledge and effort to perform every service, regardless of who sits in our chair. All of our services are priced based on length, time, and skill required to produce quality work.
  • Can I bring my kids with me to my appointment?
    Yes, you may. However, we kindly ask that our guests and their time is respected. At CRAFT, we strive to provide an atmosphere that will allow you, and other guests of ours, to take time for yourselves and have a moment to get away from your day-to-day routines. Our team constantly work with sharp tools and chemicals that may potentially be hazardous to children. We value the safety of all our guests and their overall salon experience.
  • Do offer waxing services and/or any spa services?
    We offer facial waxing services only. We do not offer any spa services. However, we like to create a spa-like atmosphere at our Shampoo Bar with our aromatherapy scalp massage during every wash and rinse!
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