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Be kind to yourself.

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers


I love working at CRAFT because: Everyone works together, and not one person is above the other. We are the true definition of a team.

Zodiac Sign: Cancer


Most loved service to perform: Bobs! They are classic. I love how precise a bob can be, yet still flexible enough to add texture.


Steaming shows: "Stranger Things" and "The Office"


Favorite place to eat in Omaha: Hiro 88


Celebrity you would invite over to Sunday dinner: Snoop Dogg

Current theme song: "The Spins" by Mac Miller


Most practiced hobby: Drawing, painting, and crocheting 


Trend forecast: We will start to see people experiment with shorter lengths and more layers. Long hair will become shoulder-length; shoulder-length will become bobs. These cuts will pair great with very lived-in minimal color. 

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